Jana Harper | You Call It A Cloud



One thing we all have in common is a fascination with the sky. Clouds are of universal interest yet their significance and meaning is wide open to interpretation. Hermann Hesse referred to them as, “the eternal symbol of all voyaging, of every quest and yearning for home.”

The Cloud Story Project aims to take the common and collective phenomena of the clouds and look at the connections and differences in how we experience them.

Invitation to Participate

When asked, most people seem to have a story related to the clouds. One New York resident told me how she dealt with her post-9/11 trauma by making small sky paintings every morning. After about one hundred paintings, what had started as representations of smoke and ash slowly turned back into blue sky and clouds. Another person told me that a singular fluffy cloud in an otherwise all blue sky gave her comfort and signaled that her deceased mother was looking down on her. Stories such as these touch all of us, not only because they remind us of what we share, but also of how we embed common phenomena with individual meaning.

Please send your cloud story to: cloudstoryproject@gmail.com

OR: Come to the Nashville Public Library, Main Branch, on either February 13th or 27th between 1:30-3:30 and tell me in person!